diy refinishing

We encourage Do-It-Yourself projects whenever possible, especially considering that's how Save the Wheels initially came to be.  Use hashtag #SAVETHEWHEELS to see your projects appear on this page!  Like working on your own car, refinishing and rebuilding your own wheels ultimately results in a significantly greater knowledge and pride in your wheels.  Our plan is to expand this portion of the website with product recommendations and walkthroughs to assist in restoring your vintage wheels.  Refinish confidently, but carefully and safely.  Save the Wheels assumes no liability for any damage or personal injury resulting from DIY refinishing and/or rebuilding.

professional refinishing services

We always recommend utilizing local wheel refinishing specialists!  Because any time used wheels require shipping, there's obviously a risk of damage.  And even when items are insured and damage occurs, negotiating the actual value and replacement with the courier can be quite taxing.  We'll soon be fleshing out our website with a full list of recommended refinishers.

Refinish and rebuild services:

1)  Anodizing, Painting, Plating, Powder Coating -  Always use the right finish for the right job.

2)  Polishing - We all love shiny things. 

3)  Hardware (fastening hardware, lips & barrels, centercaps) - in some cases these parts can be refinished and reused, but in other cases we recommend a full replacement.

4)  Structural - anything requiring welding or straightening 


and if you're on a budget -- to show that OEM are better than Replicas, or that you can refinish a vintage set on your own.

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