Original equipment

Take pride in oem

We're about educating on the importance of quality wheels,

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and if you're on a budget -- to show that OEM are better than Replicas, or that you can refinish a vintage set on your own.

Original equipment from the manufacturer is made to last.  But when a defective part DOES fail, think about how costly it is for an auto manufacturer to issue a recall.  With that in mind, you can see that OEM wheels are made to withstand years of abuse in a variety of circumstances.  They're of higher quality construction than cheap aftermarket wheels, and honestly... they're classier.  Plus you never have to answer that awkward question at shows and meets,

"Are those real [INSERT WHEEL NAME HERE]?"

So our take on the matter is that always, Always, ALWAYS -- OEM > Reps!

Now if you're bored with the appearance of your OEM set, then take matters into your own hands.  A Do-It-Yourself (DIY) refurbishment of your stock wheels is nothing to shy away from, and in fact, you should be very proud of.  Plus it's amazing how much of a difference repainting or polishing can do to a set of wheels, stock or aftermarket.